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ABA has extensive experience in litigation consulting, investigative accounting, and business valuations in family law, criminal, and civil matters. Our experience encompasses all facets of the litigation and forensic consulting process including the initial development of strategy to discovery, analysis, and expert testimony.

We have a solid foundation in fraud investigation and litigation consulting services. Our professionals perform financial investigations, uncover obscure information, and break down complex financial data into clear and concise presentations.

We have performed numerous roles as expert witnesses and litigation consultants involving:

  • Claim strategies
  • Obtaining and organizing supporting documentation
  • Calculating actual costs, estimated costs, and damages
  • Preparing schedules, briefs, and rebuttals
  • Assisting with negotiations, mediations, etc.
  • Assisting with settlement negotiations
  • Testifying at arbitration or trial

bullet point Forensic Accounting

We offer a unique combination of financial markets expertise, investigative capabilities, and securities industry expertise to matters involving the application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Generally Accepted Auditing Standards, forensic accounting, and investigations. We have extensive experience providing accounting and litigation consulting services related to matters that involve accounting, auditing, the investigation and analysis of fraud claims, and related forensic accounting issues.

bullet point Business Valuation

ABA offers a full range of litigation support services from well researched market and financial analysis to fully supported valuation opinions and expert testimony. ABA has experience as Section 730 experts as well as acting as the valuation expert for plaintiffs or defendants.

bullet point Marital Dissolution

Since 1990 ABA has worked closely with attorneys and judges by providing timely and well supported opinions in various valuation, forensic, and support cases. ABA principals have served as Court Appointed Section 730 experts by various California Superior Courts.

bullet point Business Damage Calculations

ABA offers a team of professionals representing every aspect of the Federal Estate and Gift Tax Valuation and Litigation Processes. We are Certified Public Accountants who provide a coordinated approach to your business damages / valuation / litigation issues for privately held corporations.

bullet point Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation Services

ABA has worked with the leading ADR firms throughout California, assisting with the determination of damages designed to create common ground and effect settlement.

bullet point Personal Injury Damage Calculations

Calculating the value of lost income due to personal injury or wrongful death requires keen forensic accounting skills.

ABA offers clients the rigorous techniques and in depth analysis needed to accurately quantify future earnings and the present value of future medical costs. ABA professionals have extensive experience in the determination of lost profit damages, contractual damages, fraud, and embezzlement losses.

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